5 Great Angry Birds Birthday Party Games

| March 25, 2013
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Tips on Creating Budget-Friendly Angry Birds Games and Toys for Unforgettable Birthday Parties!

From the moment of their launch, Angry Birds have managed to create a tremendous impact not only on young kids but on older folks too! And this craze has definitely gone beyond the plain gaming experience, having exceeded its impact in every aspect of lovers’ life! In fact, one of the latest trends involves birthday parties! So, here are some ideas on how to have fun on special occasions with simple and almost cost-free toys and items which feature your beloved feathery friends! After all, not everyone can afford expensive playthings for delivering moments of happiness for their kids and their little friends. So, have a look at the following list just to help yourself spark its imagination:

Green Pigs Darts: A fashionable new game that can become a classic! Take a piece of ply-board, color it with light blue paint on top (to depict the sky) and a touch of green at the bottom (for the grass); if you are talented enough, you can also illustrate the towers and the constructions of a typical Angry Birds level. After that, fluff out some balloons (in green color, obviously) and portray Pigs on each of them, tagging them onto the dart board. Next thing to do is challenge your guests to pop up the Green Pigs with the darts!

Green Pigs Darts

Green Pigs Darts Game

Angry Birds Bowling: Provided you already have a bowling set, take all the pins, dye them green and illustrate Pig faces on them. Now paint your balls with a different color or draw your favorite Angry Bird on it (or just leave it white), creating your unique, Angry Birds Bowling game! Then, just ask your guests to strike as many Green Pigs as possible. And although, in its principles, the game is actually identical to the traditional bowling game, an extra load of fun is guaranteed! If you’re on the bad piggies side (how you dare?), reverse the roles.

Angry Birds Bowling Game

Angry Birds Bowling Game

Angry Birds Ball Toss: Just take three empty tin cans and paint their sides and bottoms, preferably with more than one layer of paint; after they dry out, use a permanent marker to decorate them with Pig faces. Then, it’s the balls’ turn; draw your much loved Angry Birds on them, also with a marker. Now, everything is set! Pile the Pig cans and challenge your kids or friends to knock them down as quickly as possible with your Angry Birds balls!

Angry Birds Toss Game

Angry Birds Toss Game

Angry Birds Volleyball: If you have a room spacious enough, this is a must-have Angry Birds game! Take some punch balloons, dispose off the rubber bands and decorate them with Birds faces. Then, divide your invitees on two opposite teams, take one side each and have a proper volleyball match with some added Angry Birds spirit!

Angry Birds Volleyball

Angry Birds Volleyball

Angry Birds Pinatas: The classic surprise container which delivers tons of enjoyment to your kids and their friends can now have an Angry Birds essence! So, blow up some big balloons, making them solid using glue and multiple layers; leave just a small opening, preferably at the top of the balloons, leave them to dry and pop them so as to insert small toys and candies. Paint the pinatas illustrating Angry Birds and Green Pigs and get ready to blow them out, delivering the goods!

Angry Birds Pinatas

Angry Birds Pinatas

All you need is a little bit of talent, zest, imagination, simple materials and, of course, passion for the whole Angry Birds concept so as to create truly authentic, hand-crafted toys and have lots of fun! So, start with realizing some of these ideas, and if you happen to come up with any extra thought, just let us know! Don’t forget to follow us on pinterest, our boards are dedicated to angry birds.

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  1. Angela says:

    For my son’s birthday, we are going to play “Pass the Piggy”. Using a green ball decorated as a piggy, we’ll basically play hot potato. We’ll play the Angry Birds theme song and whoever is holding the ball when it stops is out. We’ll play until there is only one kid left who will win a prize.

  2. naitik shah says:

    <3 the idea, thank you!