Angry Birds: A stunning 30 million downloads during Christmas!

| January 6, 2013
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It may sound unbelievable but for those who are aware of the astounding popularity of the incredible Angry Birds, a total of 30 million downloads over Christmas is not that improbable! Meanwhile, as Rovio has revealed, 8 million of these downloads were made on Christmas Day alone.

30 Million downloads for angry birds games

Based on an infographic released by the company and unveiled through the company’s official Twitter account, these downloads were made from December 22 to December 29. In addition, it has been calculated that, only on Christmas day, 17.4 million Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS smartphones as well as tablets were turned on!

In fact, the whole year of 2012 was a constant success for the entertainment media company from Finland which has changed the videogames sector for good. Starting from March, the launch of Angry Birds Space made a huge impact on the market while later, in May, the Angry Birds downloads reached the one billion figure! In the meantime, Rovio has unveiled its plans for an Angry Birds movie project, announcing John Cohen as the producer of the movie in 2016. Furthermore, ongoing updates and the introducing of the revolutionary Angry Birds Star Wars later in 2012, an inspired crossover of the classic Birds and the legendary Star Wars, can further justify Rovio’s triumphant plan.

So, although Christmas period is heading to its end, Angry Birds’ distinct features along with its revolutionary gameplay can guarantee tons of fun for every avid gamer, at any time of the year!

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