Angry Birds Cheetos 2 Mini Game Has Just Been Unveiled

| April 17, 2013
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Rovio has just made one of the crunchiest and… cheesiest launches! In fact, for those recalling the first Angry Birds Cheetos game, which was unveiled a year ago, this new version may not be so surprising, but the truth is that it will definitely draw much attention by the millions of Angry Birds fans, at the same time paying tribute to a great collaboration between the Finnish company and Chester Cheetah & Cheetos.

Angry Birds Cheetos 2

Angry Birds Cheetos 2

So, which are the most notable features of this new Angry Birds version? Well, first of all, its levels are fresh and vividly colored, challenging you for new adventures against the evil Pigs. Three of these levels are available for free play, while there are six more (the “premium” ones) which require credits to be unlocked. To get those credits, you have to look for entering codes that are offered on special packages of Frito-Lay products (mostly available in Russia and neighboring countries – see also below).

Then, there are the new “Power Ups”; these are now in the form of packages of Cheetos, that blow up on impact and scatter cheese pieces all over the place, maximizing your score! In the three free levels, those Cheetos packages are also free, but, in the “premium” levels, we doubt if they won’t require spending some credits.

Unfortunately, there is a tiny problem with this new edition. Actually, Angry Birds Cheetos 2 is in… Russian, just as the first Cheetos version was in Turkish, a fact that, in any aspect, can cause some issues in terms of conveniently playing the game (unless of course you are Russian!); to deal with that issue, you can always use the translate option of Google Chrome. Apart from this detail, to play, log in with your email address and a password, or use your Facebook account; in case you choose the latter, you have to type in a username, also accepting the Terms and Conditions displayed.

So, enough talking! If you are already hungry for Cheetos, go directly to and take part in the yummiest Angry Birds edition so far! Walkthroughs will follow soon, so stay tuned!

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