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| April 17, 2013
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angry birds facts Okay, you ‘ve had tons of fun with the never ending series of Angry Birds editions, but do you really know everything about this infamous game and its developers? Well, here is a list of Angry Birds specifics we thought that every fan should be aware of.

For start, here is some interesting info about the creation of the game.

  • Angry Birds was in fact a low-budget concept, costing just over £65,000 to be developed and completed.
  • The time needed for its completion lasted for eight full months, as a squad of only four people was in charge of carrying out this task, due to lack of funds.
  • It was not the only gaming attempt that Rovio has made; in fact, dozens of other games had been developed by the company before finally hitting that huge success (as almost none of those ventures managed to deliver the wanted results).
  • A swine flu epidemic was taking place at the time of the game’s development, and that what inspired Rovio to illustrate Pigs as the Birds’ enemies!

Focusing on the game itself, here are some more data to have in mind.

  • When being on the main menu, you can tap on any of the flying Birds (apart from those in the distance), and that Bird will make the exact sound that is produced when it is flung from the slingshot.
  • The background on the main menu changes depending on the world you have played most recently.
  • Every Angry Birds episode features an item representing it on the main menu, flying around.
  • Every time you manage to secure 3 stars on every level, that item on the main menu is displayed with stars on it.
  • Even if that is not obvious, as the game progresses, the Pigs develop superior building capabilities as the game moves on.

A bunch of additional general info:

  • A list of special editions are occasionally being unveiled, including Angry Birds “Seasons”, “Rio”, “Space” and “Star Wars”.
  • From the above, Angry Birds Rio is the first game that doesn’t feature Pigs or Pig relevant episode names.
  • There have been launched Angry Birds toys as well as several other relevant items like clothes, notebooks, food packages etc.
  • Angry Birds is now an international brand.
  • Seven million copies were sold on Apple’s iPhone.
  • 8 million downloads were made on Dec. 25, 2012 alone, while 30 million downloads were made during the time period between Dec. 22 and Dec. 29.
  • Angry Birds beta for Android managed to hit over a million downloads in just three weeks.
  • There has even been a parody of Angry Birds, titled “Angry Bird Management”. Moreover, They a parody of Angry Birds Rio has also emerged, titled “Rio-A”.
  • Several stars such as Paul Gascoigne, Kylie Minogue, Slash and so many others have claimed to have been addicted on Angry Birds.

So, keeping these little trivia in mind will undoubtedly deliver you more round knowledge about your cherished game, and who knows, maybe it can make you a better Angry Birds gamer too!

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