Celebrating Angry Birds Third Birthday with 30 new Levels

| December 14, 2012
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December 2012 is the month that marks the third birthday for the exciting Angry Birds game that has gained millions of devoted fans all around the globe.

Therefore, Rovio has decided to come up with something special so as to give this special occasion a proper celebration. This includes new updates, which have been already launched for Android and iOS devices but soon will be also available for other platforms, while the updates are fully compatible with iPhone 5.

3rd birthday for Angry Birds Game

So, what do these special updates incorporate? Let’s have a brief look!

Firstly, there are 15 levels in Birdday Party (Chapter 20). In these, your beloved Birds are all featured with conical birthday hats on their heads, but, apart from this little detail, they still retain all their “angry” nature! Also, the Birdday Party walkthroughs will soon follow.

Another bunch of 15 levels are included in the Bad Piggies episode (Chapter 21). Being so new means that a certain amount of patience is required by you before the adjustments and the walkthroughs will be at your disposal!

Moreover, there is a new Golden Egg! However, being not instantly detectable means that total concentration and attentiveness is required in order to be located!

Then, there is the Pink Bird, “the bubbliest bird ever”! It shows up in Birdday Party 19-1 and it enables you to take advantage of its “bubbly” nature so as to collect more stars.

Finally, in terms of Power Ups, there doesn’t seem to be any visible alteration.


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