New Angry Birds Series Announced! Angry Birds Lord of the Rings

| December 5, 2012
New Angry Birds Series Announced! Angry Birds Lord of the Rings 4.31/5 (86.20%) 71 votes

Ok it’s not true, but it would be a great idea don’t you think? I woke up this morning and i knew what Rovio should do for their next angry birds series. My mind was going to explode with all these Lord of the Rings and Angry Birds combos coming up! Take up a deep breath and keep reading!

Angry Birds Lord of the Rings

The story is simple and inspired by the great novels of Tolkien. The goal is to destroy every orc in each level of Isengard & Mordor kingdoms. An Ed (it’s your slingshot, don’t get confused) will shoot your “birds” against the Orcs. If your attack is well planned and you destroy the orcs with the minimum required “birds” you’ll get a 3 star score. 3starscoring (sic) on all levels of Isengard and Mordor will unlock a new kingdom (Moria) that will be available to conquer.

Meet the New LOTR Characters

  • Red Bird: Frodo will be your first bird replacing the red bird of the original game. He can use his sword (Sting was its name) after completion of the entry levels.
  • Yellow Bird: My favorite character from the Lotr trilogy was Legolas with his impressive bow skills. He’ll be able to kill orcs in the steepest places.
  • Blue birds: The 3 Hobbit friends of Frodo (Merry, Pippin and Sam) will be shot as a team and the tap effect will split them.
  • White bird: You might already suppose who will be the white bird before my description. Yes, it’s Gandalf, the white. He carries his stick all the time, and by tapping, he’ll push everything on that tap direction, killing orcs and goblins or sending objects towards them.
  • Big Brother bird: Gimli will be our bomb bird who will shake everything when he’s activated.
  • Black Bird: Aragorn. I haven’t come up with an idea which bird he’ll replace and what his abilities will be. So, please comment here with your suggestions!


Not much to talk about the gameplay of Angry Birds Lord of the Rings if you have already played the Star wars edition. Legolas will help reaching orcs & goblins with his shots where your Ed won’t be able to do. The push ability of Galdalf will help you redirect catapult shots of your enemies against them.

Great Eagles

Acquiring stars will help you getting the Great Eagles by your side. You’ll be able to use them when you can’t pass a level or you just did everything else on the game!

Golden Rings of Power

The 9 Rings of Power will be spread to the kingdoms of Isengard & Mordor and each ring’s destruction will give you a bonus level to play just like the golden eggs of the rest angry birds games.

Share our mashup idea with the world and make it come true:

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40 Comments on "New Angry Birds Series Announced! Angry Birds Lord of the Rings"

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  1. Ryan says:

    I think Lord of the rings Angry Birds would be the best App I would ever play, massive fan of both angry birds and lord of the rings mixed them both together for the best combo ever. Keep up the good work.

    • Jed (Gimli) says:

      I agree. This would be the best Angry Birds App Rovio has ever created. I love Lord of the Rings and Angry Birds so it’s the perfect combination.

  2. akshay salvi says:

    aragorn must be a very powerful bird . it must replace ???????????????

  3. damian says:

    what the? thanks for awesome idea, can’t wait! For real!

    • ary says:

      It’s better than the angry birds space , and there are better birds also and enjoying to play with friendly birds.

  4. Linda says:

    I think the Black Birds should ricochet. Think of something fir the Boomerang Bird, Orange Bird, Pink Bird, and something for an egg. Have Super Seeds and Bird-quake as 2 original power ups, but the exclusive power ups can be called: William Tell: an apple will replace a bird, and when it hits something, he will fire 10 golden bows like crazy.

  5. dawid says:

    my opinion is… red should be a frodo, gandalf cause he is really a white wizard he should be a white bird, about hobbits its good idea, aragorn. green tucan should be better cause return of the king is the same like his skill coming back:), black bird could be a gimli cause he is a dwarf and hes strong he can crush stones:) big reed bird could be borromir from fellowship of the ring. yelow could be legollas and the last one orange i think it could be eomer from rohan… rohirrim rider. about pigs… black nazgul, sauron as king, or boss as u wish, balrog, saruman and some orcs… that could be all:) i wanna know if u really create this game cause me and my girl loving angry birds and i really love lotr thx

    • @dawid thanks you so much for the comment, your ideas are great, never thought of the return of the king concept and I totally forgot using rohirrim from the Two Towers.

      Keep em comin’ guys!

  6. Ron says:

    The Aragorn bird should be another sword swinger, with a much larger AOE that Frodo (obviously…). He could also invoke a group of Ghost Birds!

    A Gollum bird would be funny, if you never knew which way he would go.

    You could do the bridge scene (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!), where the enemies actually move along the bridge, as a timed level instead of set pieces.

    I would also suggest an Easter Egg, and when you unlock it, you can play Bilbo and the Lonely Mountain.

    The ultra powerful Eagles would be the birds earned through play time and returning.

    I’ve got a ton of ideas…


  7. Ron says:

    *Turns on proofreader* Doh. *AOE than Frodo*


  8. dawid says:

    :) me and my girlfriend was watching a few days ago all of the lotr movies with hoobit… thats why we got an idea about lotr angry birds it could be really good… like x – birds or avengers birds. u can create many series of games about it… only looking for some heroes for it… watch movies play other games…:) thats my idea:) superman batman green lantern or iron man thor capt america hulk:) think about it:) ive got all 5 parts of angry birds on my pc and im playing all the time give me nev wersions and i wont do anything else:)

  9. dawid says:

    o and about the buildings… think about barrad dhur orthank and moria structures to create them:)

  10. amrit roy says:

    I think this to be the best cast-
    Red Bird- Frodo
    Blue Birds- Sam, Merry and Pippin
    White Bird- Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White
    Black Bird- Aragorn
    Yellow Bird- Legolas
    Big Brother Bird- Gimli
    Boomerang Bird- Boromir
    Orange Bird- Faramir
    Pink Bird- Eowyn

    • Linda says:

      I think The Egg should be: an egg that has a ring around his body. His ability is to shine a bright Lazer that can burn wood.

  11. Eric says:

    I already planned out my own lord of the rings angry birds, but it’s quite different:
    Red bird- Frodo- can use the ring to teleport
    Blue bird-Sam,Merry,Pippin- (same)
    Yellow bird-Gimli- can slam the ground with his axe
    Black bird-Aragorn- can swing his sword
    White bird-Boromir(Theoden when he dies)- can hold up his shield while thrusing his sword forward
    Green bird-Legolas- (same)
    Big red-Gandalf(white and grey)- (same)

  12. Vetal2108 says:

    Oh, it would be great if Rovio will make this game. We should to send this idea to them. But now they are busy by working if Star Wars and it’s not possible to make the game now. Now I’ll send them link if somebody don’t do it before me.
    P.S. Guys, it’s not true, Rovio didn’t announced the game.

  13. Matheus says:

    Qual é o dia do lançamento do Angry Birds Senhor dos Anéis?

  14. Jed (Gimli) says:

    Red Bird – Frodo
    White Bird – Gandalf
    Yellow Bird – Legolas
    Blue Birds – Merry, Pippin, and Sam
    Black Bird – Gimli
    Green Bird – Boromir
    Pink Bird – Arwen
    Fat Bird – Aragorn
    Orange Bird – Gollum
    Boards – Isengard, Barad-dur, and Moria
    Golden Eggs – 9 Rings

  15. Bartek says:

    I think:
    Red bird-frodo, he can teleport
    Blue bird-hobbits(same)
    Black bird-aragorn he can use his sword
    Boomerang bird-gimli
    Yellow bird-legolas (same)
    Big bird-boromir he can(by use his power)creat earthquakes
    Orange bird-gandalf (same)
    White bird-gollum he can throw fish to orks
    Pink bird-galadriel can turn light on
    Green bird-theoden can fall objects around him

  16. Bg says:

    Hahaha good idea is there any gollum? :) :) :)

    • Jed (Gimli) says:

      My friend Ethan said it would be a weird idea to have a Gollum Bird. I kind of like the idea but not really.

  17. Linda says:

    – Red Bird- Frodo
    – Blue Bird- Merry, Pippin and Sam
    – Black Bird- Aragorn- his ability is to Ricochet
    – White Bird- Gandalf the White
    – Boomerang Bird- Boromir and Theodon
    – Big Brother Bird- Gimili and Bilbo Baggins
    – Orange Bird- Faramir
    – Pink Bird- Galadriel
    – Ice Bird- Elrond
    – Egg- Egg with ring
    – Minion Pig- Orcs and Goblins
    – Slimy Minion Pig- Gollum

  18. Jed (Gimli) says:

    Angry Birds Lord of the Rings has to be created. It is an awesome idea and most of my friends love it. It needs to be created.

  19. Jed (Gimli) says:

    Actually, I take back what I said. The Pink Bird should be Eowyn and the Girl Red Bird should be Arwen.

  20. Liv says:

    Red bird Frodo. yellow bird Sam!

  21. Linda says:

    I change my mind.
    Ice Bird should be Theoden

  22. Jeff says:

    It would be the best game ever I love lord of the rings and angry birds that would be so cool:)

  23. Matt says:

    This is a great idea, essentially the same as AB Star Wars, but LOTR themed…excellent idea that I hope is implemented into a game:D

  24. PLEASE READ THAT!!!! says:

    I think yellow bird can be Aragorn and he has the Anduril. When it actived, he destroyed better. I think places are Shire, Moria, Helm’s deep, some kind of Gollum place, Gondor and Mordor.

  25. gandalf veeeeeeryyyyyy good says:

    Red bird: Frodo
    Yellow bird: Legolas
    Bomb bird: Gandalf grey-white
    Big bird: Gimli
    Blue bird: Hobbits
    Special bird: Aragorn ( like luke skywalker )
    Green bird: Bilbo ( like a boomerang )
    Pink bird: Gollum ( like blue bird )
    Special bird: Tree ( like Lando )
    Special bird: Boromir ( like luke skywalker he reflects shoots )
    Special bonus: Arwen ( like egg it gives you another life )

  26. arwen says:

    agreed i think this would be great because sarah (my friend) and i love both